Industrias Plásticas
Internacionales S.A. de C.V.
IPISA´s Philosophy
IPISA is a company focused in the production a distribution of PVC film for the national and foreign markets.

To be a commercial and financialy solid organization based in a healthy, faithful clients retained by our service and quality.

Quality Politics

Our activities look for:

Full customer satisfaction, up to their expectations and more.

Doing it right, right from the first time, following the norms and laws and always looking for to improve.

Quality Objectives

Continuously improve:

1. Our customer satisfaction rate

2. Achievement indicators of our processes

3. Minimize internal and external materials rejections



IPISA. Derechos Reservados. Calle 6 Num. 12 Fraccionamiento Industrial Xalostoc C.P. 55340
Ecatepec, Estado de México Tel. (52) 5755-3555

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